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Alright,you'll think I am RuneScape gold dumb aftear studying this,however we. Alright,so yesterdayI had been playing FunOrb,and got DCed.No prob,right? So I re-Log in,and It states I'm already LOGGED IN! The match believed I was still playing,but I had been DCed! (Dis-Connected) So I got a bit freaked out,and thought somebody kissed me. (Silly me,I made the incorrect choice. XD) And I change my password,but since I have not had to in awhile,I thought they eliminated the Plain-and-simple alter your password ,so I did it the hard way,put in my recoveries,BUT FORGOT TO WRITE MY NEW PASSWORD DOWN! AAARGH!

And this is where I want you guys's help. I sent in a new recovery request,went to bed,and it's still pending. Can you think I'll get my account back,and is there anything I could do additional,and could you guys suggest what I do,thanks.I'm just scared I might need to begin all my hard work over again. So long as you know the recovery question replies along with the payment details for your membership (In addition to any other vital details) your accounts ought to be OK. It can just sometimes have some time to recover your account.

Ok, so after not playing RuneScape for 1 year, I'm back and wanting to be a member in April. I have a couple questions about a couple of things. 1. I dropped all of my members things because I thought they would use my bank room.... do they? 2. B ) When reverted to a seed and recharged, is it better that the mage bows? I really don't know how the degrading works. 3. I've 216 QP, meaning I've dropped plenty of quest related products.

All the new quests that require hunter, construction and summoning. Oh god, taking too long to post all. Anyways... I would like to know what quest items I would have to get again which would be useful So far I've figured out I'll need: Ummmmm, that's all I remember, but if anyone know of any helpful things from pursuit, please post it, even though I probably haven't done the quest. 4. The last thing. These are my stats. I am lvl 91 battle. I've 16m and'm wondering exactly what armor/weapons to purchase (No godsword ), in which to train battle stats cheap School RS Gold (I have read of some avainsie things...) I'm also wondering what stats to train (will have 99 cook soon). Fletching will be my #2 choice. Thanks for answering some of my questions in advance.
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